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Leather Case for Sepura SC20



Elastic sided case in water repellent soft Black leather, full PVC screen with Quick Release Stud on the rear. Fits all SC20 Range. Supplied with 50mm Quick Release belt dock. Also available with dock to fit 60mm belt, add D07 to part number.

Quick Release Dock 03 and 07
Insert a '+' before P1 in the order code to add a ‘Sure-push’ panic button and stand-up base to this case. RSC20SIDEP1KF+P1GSM
Sure-push panic button and stand-up base

Some styles of case might not be available for certain radio models, please check with your radio dealer.

Made by Myst Ltd, Whitehill Park, Weobley HR4 8QT UK. Telephone: 01544 318800